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What is the correct loler inspection frequency

LOLER Inspection Frequency & Requirements Explained

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Guides, LOLER Inspection

To help keep your business LOLER compliant, we’re explaining LOLER inspection frequency so you know when to complete checks and inspections for your lifting equipment.

What equipment is LOLER relevant to?

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) apply solely to workplace lifting equipment (including employee’s own equipment) and accessories, although not all work equipment is subject to LOLER checks. LOLER applies to a range of equipment, including:

  • cranes
  • fork-lift trucks
  • lifts
  • hoists
  • mobile elevating work platforms
  • vehicle inspection platform hoists
  • Accessories such as hooks, ropes, chains, shackles and eyebolts

Certain equipment falls outside LOLER’s scope, such as continuous transport used to carry people or goods. For these, PUWER provisions are usually required instead. Examples include escalators, moving walkways, some conveyor systems, and basic pallet trucks.

How often should lifting equipment be inspected?

Maintaining the correct LOLER inspection frequency is essential to keep your operation compliant – failure to comply with LOLER could lead to serious legal repercussions, injuries or even fatalities. The regulations state that thorough examinations or ‘LOLER tests’ should be carried out:

  • Before the equipment’s first use 
  • After setting up equipment at a new site or any assembly 
  • Regularly in service – LOLER recommends every 6 or 12 months, depending on the equipment and site locations
  • After exceptional circumstances such as damages, lack of use, or modifications

Is LOLER 6 or 12 months?

The required timeframe for LOLER inspections varies depending on the type of equipment and location or surroundings it is exposed to. In general, unless the equipment has an ‘examination scheme’ detailing different intervals,  thorough examinations should be conducted by a competent person every:

  • 6 months: for lifting equipment used to lift people, and any associated accessories (such as elevators or cherry pickers)
  • 6 months: for all lifting accessories (such as shackles, eyebolts, chains and hooks)
  • 12 months: for all other lifting equipment, including employee-owned equipment (such as forklifts and cranes) 

If you’re not sure how often your lifting equipment needs a LOLER inspection, we can help assess your operation and provide a LOLER schedule with notifications to remind you when an inspection is due. 

What is the frequency of PUWER inspection?

PUWER regulations cover a broader range of work tools and machinery, outside of lifting equipment, and incorporate safety considerations such as the overall suitability of the equipment for specific tasks, maintenance, and user training.

Much like LOLER, one of the requirements under PUWER states that a thorough examination and testing of machinery before its first use should be conducted. This process is commonly referred to as a PUWER inspection. After this initial inspection, there is no specific frequency outlined for PUWER, however, it is recommended to not exceed 48-month intervals between inspections to maintain safe use. PUWER does state that there should be re-inspection at suitable intervals, including when equipment is exposed to conditions causing deterioration that increases the risk of dangerous situations.

How do you schedule a LOLER inspection?

You can enlist third-party companies like us to conduct your LOLER tests and inspections, or they can be carried out by any other competent person who has appropriate LOLER training. With our LOLER Inspection Service, you can trust that the inspection is being carried out by professionals to keep your operation compliant, safe, and secure. We can also schedule regular reminders for you when an inspection is due, and store all of your LOLER certificates online.

You can schedule LOLER inspections easily with Bramley Engineering online or by telephone. Start by requesting a free quote and if you’re happy, we’ll book the LOLER test for you. We provide thorough examinations, equipment schedule assessments, and safety advice to make sure your business meets UK Health & Safety standards. We pride ourselves on conducting inspections that are accurate and timely whilst ensuring the safety of you and your employees. 

Request your free inspection quote now, or give us a call on 01525 375225 for further information. 

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