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WH-BC Fixed Jaw Super Clamp

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

The William Hackett Fixed Jaw Super Clamp is manufactured in accordance with BS EN13155: 2003 + A2: 2009 – Cranes – Safety – Non Fixed Load Lifting Attachments.

The WH-BC fixed jaw super clamp has a ‘gussett’ in both jaws of the beam clamp. This maximises contact between the beam and beam clamp, increasing the grip of the beam clamp.

There is a shackle at the bottom of the beam clamp which allows an easy connection to attach the hoist.

Fixed Jaw Clamp

Part CodeModel No.WLL tonnesBeam Range mmMax. Beam Thickness mmA mmB mmD mmE maxE minG mmK maxK minH mmMass kg

Working Load Limits:

Fixed Jaw Super Clamp

This fixed jaw super clamp works up to an angle of 45° to the vertical. Moving away from the vertical requires reduction of the W.L.L. of the beam clamp. Please refer to the table below – reduction in working load limits with applied side loads.

The below working load limits and derations are specifically for most William Hackett clamps. Additionally, they only apply in overhead beam attachment. DO NOT apply if clamps are to be used for lifting beams.

The tables apply to our clamps only and we strongly advise to carry out stress calculations for all support steelwork.

WARNING: Application of clamps to the beam by a competent person and full hand tightening is essential. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer for their recommendations.

NOTE: Clamp model WH-BC (027.200) is not suitable for any side loading as it is of lightweight design.

Although our beam clamps could operate at 90° without any reduction in efficiency, we do not recommend this type of use. This is because there will be a significant overturning moment generated on the beam flange. This could result in permanent damage to the supporting structure. If clamps are used in any other way than the above, William Hackett will not accept any liability and would strongly recommend that this unsafe practice is not adopted.

Angle From Vertical0° to 15°15° to 30°30° to 45°
Reduction FactorNil17%34%50%
ModelsWLL tonnesWLL tonnesWLL tonnesWLL tonnes
027.300, 027.320.E3, 3.22.521.5
027.500, 027.500.E54.13.32.5
027/1500, 027/1500.E1512.4107.5

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