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SS-L5 Offshore Lever Hoist

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The William Hackett second generation SS-L5 Offshore lever hoist is the first lever hoist to get an award from DNVGL. The report verifies that the SS-L5 type lever hoist could be safely used over a 21 day single immersion and a 31 day multi immersion period. As well as this, the SS-L5 is developed in line with:

  • BP document DEV-AAD-SS-SD-BP-0545. ‘Specification and compliance requirements for lever hoists used subsea on BP projects’
  • IMCA DO28 Rev. 1 ‘Guidance on the use of chain lever hoists in the offshore subsea environment’.
  • IMCA Document SEL-019:2007, Guidance for Lifting Operations

The SS-L5 also meets and exceeds the requirements of the following international standards:

British and European Standard BS EN13157: 2004 + AI: 2009
American Standard ASME B30.21-2014
Australian Standard AS 1418.2-1997
South African SANS 1636:2-2007 NORSOK R-002: 2017.


Also, the Hackett offshore lever hoist has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C.


The design and specification of the SS-L5  lever  hoist includes:

  • WORKING LOAD LIMIT RANGE: 800kg to 10 tonnes.
  • LIGHT LOAD CAPABILITY: the SS-L5 is at 2% of the lever hoist rated capacity.
  • DABS (DUAL ANTI-LOCK  BRAKE  SYSTEM):  Enables the chain to adjust in freewheel mode without locking the brake.
  • CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN: Minimises contamination to the internal mechanism and brake surfaces.
  • STAINLESS STEEL PAWL SPRINGS: secured to reduce risk of damage.
  • STAINLESS STEEL FIXINGS: All internal springs are stainless steel. Circ clips secure the pawls onto the pawl stands. Additionally, stainless steel nyloc nuts and a socket head cap screws secure all hook housing
  • SINTERED/FUSED FRICTION MATERIAL: Directly attached to ratchet gear. Grooves in the friction material divert water from the friction surface during subsea operations.
  • LOAD CHAIN: By BS EN818-7 Grade T(8).
  • CORROSION PROTECTED: The complete brake mechanism is anti corrosion.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE WATERPROOF GREASE: Used throughout the hoist enhancing the corrosion protection.
  • ADJUSTABLE TRAVELLING END STOP: The end stop allows positioning at any point along the slack section of the load chain. When the lever hoist is in a final rigged position, it is possible to position the traveling end stop  next to the SS-L5 lever hoist body. Consequently, pay out of the chain for whatever reason when the lever hoist becomes operative again is prevented.
  • OVERLOAD LIMITER: This is also available as an option upon request.

Offshore Lever Hoist

Part CodeWLL TonnesNo. of fallsLoad Chain mmStandard Lift ma mmb mmc mmd mme mmh mmMass kgExtra Weight Per m kg
033.0800.8015.6 x 171.5148.012141.526528.02806.200.70
033.1601.6017.1 x 211.5165.514152.035033.03509.601.10
033.3203.20110.0 x 301.5194.517861.941542.542015.502.20
033.6306.30210.0 x 301.5194.522884.341551.057027.004.40
033.9009.00310.0 x 301.5194.531088.041556.068038.306.60
033/150015.00610.0 x 301.5194.5420-41580.0100090.0013.20

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