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Overhead Line and Rail Industry Lever Hoist

William Hackett’s SS-L5 lever hoist complies with British Standard BS EN13157:2004 +A1:2009 and Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance PA05/06687.

The lever hoist capacity ranges from 800kg to 10 tonnes and the RL5 1.5t capacity serves a dual role. As well as approval for overhead line work by Network Rail, the lever hoist is also designed for use with the “Ironman” rail handling system. For “Ironman” usage the unit is rated to 1.5 tonne and is painted yellow as specified by RIS-1701-PLT.

The RL5 “IRONMAN” lever hoist is appropriate for use within an operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C.

Availability of spares and service kits allows customers to take the hoist back to almost factory finish.


The design and specifications of the William Hackett overhead line and rail industry lever hoists include:

  • THE RL5 “IRONMAN”: Available with either a clevis shackle or omega link. This eradicates the need for the current connecting link between the clamp and the hoist. The whole system will be certified as one single piece of equipment.
  • TRAVELLING CHAIN ‘END STOP’:  Positioning of the end stop next to the body of the lever hoist prevents slippage and run off.
  • DABS (DUAL ANTI-LOCK BRAKE SYSTEM): Prevents the accidental engagement of freewheel.
  • SLIP PREVENTION CONTOURED RUBBER “T” SHAPED GRIP: Designed to improve grip with gloves, especially in wet conditions.
  • SECURE HOOK CLOSURE: The heavy duty cast latch interlocks with the nib of the hook in order to form a secure closure. It also prevents side load disengagement.
  • PERFORMANCE RATIO: Working Load Limit of 1.5t for the “Ironman” at a weight of 8.5kg. Gives a performance ratio of 176 : 1
  • TWIN PAWLS, DOUBLE SAFETY SYSTEM: There are two pawls of different lengths in order to provide one redundant pawl and one engaged pawl at all times. Fully secured with stainless nut and bolts
  • SINTERED AND GROOVED FRICTION BRAKE PADS: Sintered brake material keeps the brake surface clear of dirt or water. Functionality is therefore retained in wet environments.
  • COMPLIANT LOAD CHAIN: Calibrated chain is in accordance with EN818-7.
  • LIGHT LOAD CAPABILITY: Tested and certified at 2% of the rated capacity. However in operational mode it has a 0% light load capacity.
  • CORROSION PROTECTION: It has long term protection in the harshest environments due to the use of high performance waterproof marine grease throughout. Zinc flake corrosion protection along with stainless steel throughout the hoist means extended longevity of critical components.


Rail Industry Lever HoistRail Industry Lever Hoist


Part CodeWLL (tonnes)No. of FallsLoad chain (mm)Standard Lift (M)a mmb mmc mmd mme mmh mmMass (kg)Extra Weight per M (kg)
034.SS.0800.8015.6 x 15.71.514611942.024527.02806.900.70
034.SS.015.IM1.5017.1 x 19.91.516412654.226536.03358.501.10
034.SS.1601.6017.1 x 19.91.516412654.526536.03359.001.10
034.SS.3203.20110 x 281.519615960.541542.039517.002.20
034.SS.6306.30210 x 281.519621885.541552.554033.004.40
034.SS.100010.00310 x 281.5196298-41559.068050.006.60

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