Highworth Jib Crane

Highworth, Swindon


Highworth Jib CraneHighworth Jib Crane



Bramley Engineering visited the Highworth area, near Swindon, to undertake the installation of one of our 270° jib cranes.

    • Our customer asked the Bramley team to provide a solution for lifting out a pump motor for servicing purposes.

However – there was an additional request – they needed a locking mechanism to stop the jib arm from slewing around under load.

    • Bramley Engineering stepped up to the plate to put forward our idea. At first glance, it would seem like any standard column mounted swing jib crane.

Upon closer inspection the ‘slew’ plate (pictured) at the bottom of the jib arm had three locating notches at 45°. This implemented a ‘plunger’ style spring loaded index bolt to lock the arm into position when slewing. Another simple, yet effective design element conjured up by Bramley Engineering and another successful job signed off by the team at Bramley Engineering.