TZR Load Indicator (with Radio Control)




TZR Load Indicator (with Radio Control)

The TZR Load Indicator is an excellent compact measuring devices for the weighing of loads. Supplied with shackle fittings (sold separately) top and bottom for attaching to loads and comes complete with a radio control unit.

The displayed values can be taken off the remote control device and can be easily transferred to a PC. The system can be combined with an easy-to-read display. Several measured valued can be totalled and saved.

On account of their flexibility, this model is suitable for a multitude of applications. Whether used as a conventional crane weighing device or to measure forces – they are very simple and straightforward to use!

Manufactured with a liquid crystal display (LCD), that can tare as well as show either gross or the net load. All TIGRIP Load Cells will also indicate the overload at 110% of the rated capacity and the status of the battery.


A (mm)190233250325378
B (mm)118118118118118
C (mm)1422274855
D (mm)151173180213233
E (mm)12.51921.52232
F (mm)37----
G (mm)212530.54757
H (mm)38.442.245.164.474.2
K (mm)30345010592
L (mm)2638449595
M (mm)1016193535
Q (mm)235309315535562
R (mm)16----

Additional information

Weight N/A
Capacity (t)

1.0, 2.5, 5.0, 10.0, 20.0