SS-L5 Offshore Lever Hoist



The William Hackett second generation SS-L5 Offshore lever hoist is the first lever hoist to get an award from DNVGL. The report verifies that the SS-L5 type lever hoist could be safely used over a 21 day single immersion and a 31 day multi immersion period. As well as this, the SS-L5 is developed in line with:

  • BP document DEV-AAD-SS-SD-BP-0545. ‘Specification and compliance requirements for lever hoists used subsea on BP projects’
  • IMCA DO28 Rev. 1 ‘Guidance on the use of chain lever hoists in the offshore subsea environment’.
  • IMCA Document SEL-019:2007, Guidance for Lifting Operations

The SS-L5 also meets and exceeds the requirements of the following international standards:

British and European Standard BS EN13157: 2004 + AI: 2009
American Standard ASME B30.21-2014
Australian Standard AS 1418.2-1997
South African SANS 1636:2-2007 NORSOK R-002: 2017.


Also, the Hackett offshore lever hoist has an operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C.


The design and specification of the SS-L5  lever  hoist includes:

  • WORKING LOAD LIMIT RANGE: 800kg to 10 tonnes.
  • LIGHT LOAD CAPABILITY: the SS-L5 is at 2% of the lever hoist rated capacity.
  • DABS (DUAL ANTI-LOCK  BRAKE  SYSTEM):  Enables the chain to adjust in freewheel mode without locking the brake.
  • CONSTRUCTION AND DESIGN: Minimises contamination to the internal mechanism and brake surfaces.
  • STAINLESS STEEL PAWL SPRINGS: secured to reduce risk of damage.
  • STAINLESS STEEL FIXINGS: All internal springs are stainless steel. Circ clips secure the pawls onto the pawl stands. Additionally, stainless steel nyloc nuts and a socket head cap screws secure all hook housing
  • SINTERED/FUSED FRICTION MATERIAL: Directly attached to ratchet gear. Grooves in the friction material divert water from the friction surface during subsea operations.
  • LOAD CHAIN: By BS EN818-7 Grade T(8).
  • CORROSION PROTECTED: The complete brake mechanism is anti corrosion.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE WATERPROOF GREASE: Used throughout the hoist enhancing the corrosion protection.
  • ADJUSTABLE TRAVELLING END STOP: The end stop allows positioning at any point along the slack section of the load chain. When the lever hoist is in a final rigged position, it is possible to position the traveling end stop  next to the SS-L5 lever hoist body. Consequently, pay out of the chain for whatever reason when the lever hoist becomes operative again is prevented.
  • OVERLOAD LIMITER: This is also available as an option upon request.

Offshore Lever Hoist

Part CodeWLL, tonnesNo. of FallsLoad Chain, mmStandard Lift, mA, mmB, mmC, mmD, mmE, mmH, mmNett Weight, kgExtra Weight per M, kg
034.SS.0830.815.6 X 15.7314611942245272806.90.7
034.SS.1631.617.1 X 19.9316412654.5265363359.01.1
034.SS.3233.2110 X 28319615960.54154239517.02.2
034.SS.6336.3210 X 28319621885.541552.554033.04.4
034.SS.100310.0310 X 283196298-4155968050.06.6
034.SS.150315.0610 X 283196420-41580100090.013.2
034.SS.200320.0810 X 283196480-415801150195.017.6

Product Data Sheet

WLL (tonnes)

0.8, 1.6, 3.2, 6.3, 10, 15

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