Scaffolders kit


Scaffolders Kit

Scaffolders kit – Model: CMHYP03

Article number: N37 420003A

Scaffolders Kit contents:

  • Single point harness
  • 2 mtr shock absorbing rope lanyard
  • 1 x Screw gate snap hook complete with a Scaffold hook
  • Complete with a Kit bag


The working at height Regulations 2005

Main points:

  • Firstly, “working at height” no longer means above 2 metres before PPE is required. New regulations state “Where a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury”.

  • Most importantly make sure you have done the following:

  • i) Method statement
  • ii) Risk Assessment
  •  Firstly, have a rescue plan in place. Do NOT rely on the Emergency Services.

  •  Consequently train people in the use of Fall Protection Equipment.

  • Finally, ensure you keep records of Inspections of Fall Protection Equipment.

Fall Factors

Calculating the potential fall distance:

When using a shock absorbing lanyard, it is important to understand how to calculate the potential fall distance to avoid contact with the lower level. So, the calculation below gives the minimum distance between the anchorage point of the lanyard (Fall Factor 2) and the lower level.

Hence this is calculated by allowing for:

  • twice the length of the lanyard (to allow for the length of the lanyard and the height of the worker).
  • +1.75mtr deceleration distance to allow for elongation of the shock absorber and any give in the lanyard.
  • +1mtr safety margin.
  • TOTAL = 6.75mtr clearance required using a 2mtr lanyard.
  1.           Fall Factor-0 Best option                                 Fall Factor-1 Acceptable                            Fall Factor-2 Worst case

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