Polyester Slings

Polyester Slings

At Bramley Engineering (Lifting Gear) Ltd we stock a wide selection of polyester slings. They are of a high quality and are British made.

Webbing slings are suitable for a wide range of Lifting applications. We can supply roundslings, simplex, duplex and endless web slings from 1 tonne upwards. Due to their soft and flexible material they are lighter and more flexible than chain or wire ropes. This makes them suitable for lifting certain products.

Duplex and simplex web slings have reinforced soft eyes or a variety of steel end fittings.

Duplex and simplex web slings, manufactured to EN1492-1:2000 +A1 2008 from 100% Polyester webbing, safety factor 7:1.

Roundslings, manufactured to EN 1492-2:2000 +A1 2008 from 100% polyester high tenacity yarn and woven tubular sleeve, safety factor 7:1.

Polyester slings come colour-coded to state their different working load limits (WLL).


While the polyester of the sling itself is very strong, it is possible to wear over time. Abrasions, oils and sharp edges can cause wear and tear which may fail the 6 monthly LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998). This would mean replacing the sling earlier than usual. Using a wear sleeve for extra protection, the sling will be in good condition for longer.

duplex web slings

polyester roundslings

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