DSRB Sheave Blocks - Wire rope sheave block for BETA PROLINE and SILVERLINE winches




DSRB Sheave Blocks Wire rope sheave block for BETA PROLINE and SILVERLINE winches

Guiding with DSRB sheave blocks for BETA PROLINE and SILVERLINE winches. This dynamic and reliable all-rounder with variable rope and sheave diameters and cable deflections of up to 180 degrees can move loads of up to 8 tonnes with ease. Typical of Pfaff is the high standard of quality: with ball-bearings as standard. A carefully coordinated system of application-specific cable diameters. Matching turned precision cable groove ensures that the unit is also wear-free.

ModelRope Dia Manual mmRope Dia Electric mmD Dia mmDm Dia mmDrive Group FEM Max. Tensile Load kg at Deflection 90 degreesMax. Tensile Load kg at Deflection 180 degreesD1 Dia mmL mmC mmH mmB mmE mmS mmK mmM/M1 Dia mm
DSRB S 90/43-4490802m700500201209013485624659/9
DSRB S 90/65-669071Dm700500251209013485626659/9
DSRB S 145/5 551451254m11008002520016022412588611011.5/13
DSRB S 145/6661451252m11008002520016022412588611011.5/13
DSRB S 145/7771451261Am11008002520016022412588611011.5/13
DSRB S 185/8881851602m2300163030245195273138106813513.5/15
DSRB S 185/9991851621Am2300163030245195273138106813513.5/15
DSRB S 270/129-12122702462m25001800403602904071911381020218/20
DSRB S 325/1414143252972m45003200504403504902601801224222/25
DSRB S 400/1613-16164003683m50003800505304306123022121531026/30
DSRB S 490/2020204904503m80006000656505806943132201634034/40

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DSRB S 145/5, DSRB S 145/6, DSRB S 145/7, DSRB S 185/8, DSRB S 185/9, DSRB S 270/12, DSRB S 325/14, DSRB S 400/16, DSRB S 490/20, DSRB S 90/4, DSRB S 90/6