CY Hinged Vertical Plate Clamps with Hinged Hook Ring



Hinged Vertical Plate Clamps

Hinged vertical plate clamps with hinged hook ring can safely handle plates at various angles. It can lift plates from the horizontal position and put it down in the vertical position. The hinged hook ring provides adequate gripping pressure in every position, but the load capacity reduces. See the diagram below showing the load /force capacities.

CY hinged vertical plate clamp diagram


The CY hinged vertical plate clamp can lift or handle long plates using two clamps on a two-legged chain sling eliminating the need for a spreader beam.

NB: The plate surface of the material being clamped must have a hardness level below HRC 30/Brinell 300.
ModelWLL, kg*Jaw (Z) capacity, mmA, mmB, mmC, mmD, mmE, mmF, mmG, mmH, mmI, mmWeight, kg**

CY1, CY2, CY3

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