Restraint Kit


Restraint Kit


Article number:  N37 420001A


1 x Single point harness

1 x 2 mtr restraint rope lanyard

2 x Screw gate snap hooks

1 x Kit bag

* This kit is for RESTRAINT use only. Do NOT use for fall arrest. 

The working at height Regulations 2005

Main points:

  • Working at height, no longer means above 2 metres before PPE is required. The new regulations state “Where a person could fall a distance liable to cause personal injury”.

  • Make sure you have done the following:

i) Method statement

ii) Risk Assessment

  • Firstly, have a rescue plan in place. Do NOT rely on the Emergency Services.

  • Train people in the use of Fall Protection Equipment.

  • Finally, ensure you keep records of Inspections of Fall Protection Equipment.