Charlbury – A Unique Lifting Gantry




Bramley Engineering were on the road again in the month of May to install one of our new unique lifting gantries at a site in Charlbury.

We were drafted in to provide a solution for lifting a pump from a well.

Our design had to ensure it could be securely planted on the narrow concrete perimeter of the well. Whilst also having a quick and simple production method from manufacture through to installation.

    Thus, this distinctive gantry was born!

The individual uniqueness of this particular gantry can be found in its design of the supporting gantry goalposts.These gantry goalposts were an evolved revision on our already exclusive ‘arch-type’ gantry goalpost.

Graham Bramley – Managing Director and Chief Designer at Bramley Engineering – came up with the sophisticated idea of splitting our ‘arch-type’ goalpost in half with some additional benefits, yet without affecting the structural integrity of the original design.

    These benefits included the following:
  • Logistical improvement – Due to the size of the bed on rigid lorries, galvanising suppliers can often only transport material that is a maximum of 4 metres wide. Larger items can be transported at an additional cost, often with much longer turnaround times. Therefore, by splitting the goalpost in half – this logistical problem now has a solution. The turnaround by the galvanising plant is significantly reduced, whilst also cutting costs.
  • Installation – Likewise with this split design, handling the parts on-site becomes much easier. Hiab lorries should no longer be required for dedicated transportation and installation purposes – again, cutting costs.
    In conclusion, it has been another successful project from Bramley Engineering with another happy customer. We have plenty more exciting projects in the pipeline, so be sure to keep tabs on our latest new bulletins.

Onwards & Upwards!